April 10, 2021
  • 6:16 pm BecomeACanadian: Watch Our Top 5 Benefits of Immigrating to Canada
  • 6:13 am Canadian Immigration Streams Opens for ‘Guardian Angels’
  • 12:25 pm 5 Major Benefits of Migrating to Canada
  • 9:50 am Average Living Costs in Canada (in CAD)
  • 7:42 pm Record Rise in Canadian Economic Growth Reported

The federal government will no longer be allowed to deny permanent resident applications from those who have severe health conditions or disabilities


Canada uses a system of points to evaluate an immigrants’ ability to be a part of the Canadian workforce, based on age, language & work experience.


The Canadian goverment set a goal to allow 305,000 immigrants move to Canada in 2016, slightly higher than the previous year.


A considerable increase in immigration visas for 2017 was set as a new baseline by the Canadian government. 300,000 visas for permanent residency were secured, compared to the preceding standard of 260,000 per year. This new plan by the government will allow for 172,500 visas issued for skilled migrant employees, 84,000 for family members of […]

Become a Canadian is an independently-owned immigration firm that provides services to foreign nationals who want to relocate to Canada to start a new life.

A 2015 Harris poll found that over 91% of Canadian immigrants believe in the “Canadian Dream.” Approximately 735 foreign-born Canadians were surveyed in the poll.