April 16, 2024
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Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is experiencing a labor shortage and, as a result, needs more skilled workers to move to the province. According to Become A Canadian, as a result of the labor shortage, Nova Scotia has missed out on business worth more than $1B since 2022.

The need for more workers costs business owners in the construction and manufacturing industries lots of opportunities in terms of potential sales and contracts.

Become A Canadian also says that missed opportunities affect business owners’ ability to pay down their debt or expand and support their community.

There currently needs to be an easy way to address labor shortages in these industries. Still, officials are working around the clock to raise awareness about existing government programs intended to attract more people to trades, invite foreign tradespeople to Canada, and enlighten high school students about the opportunities in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Government programs created to attract more workers to Nova Scotia

The government in Nova Scotia has introduced several attractive programs to attract young, skilled and foreign workers to the province. 

Become A Canadian could confirm that the government recently introduced a tax credit for people younger than 30 who desire to work in trades. Similarly, the government has made other changes to the apprenticeship process, making it more attractive for new workers with higher retention rates.

The government has also turned to immigration as an approach to attracting foreign skilled tradespeople. Some officials recently traveled to London, England, to attend a construction-specific event, where they interacted with more than 800 contacts who wanted to work in Canada.

BecomeACanadian Staff