July 22, 2024
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BecomeACanadian - Levis Quebec

Become A Canadian could establish that Gen Z young adults, the newest generation of the Canadian workforce, are relatively more outspoken, because they know what they want and are much less afraid to ask for it. 

Become A Canadian says Gen Z prioritizes cost of living, a work-life balance, and mental health access more than the previous generation.  

Top 10 Canadian Cities for the newest generation of workers in Canada

Below, is the list of the top Canadian cities for Gen Z workers based on the report provided by Point2, a real-estate company in Canada.

1. St. John’s, N.L. is ranked the number one city for Gen Z workers, because it completely embodies the ideal lifestyle of a Gen Z worker. The East Coast city has a lower cost of living per month at $1,600 and the easiest access to mental health services. Overall, St. John’s scored 64.90 out of 100.

BecomeACanadian -St. John's Canada

2. Quebec City came second on the list with a score of 64.73 out of 100. Become A Canadian describes Quebec as the city for young professionals aged 18 to 26, because of its easy access to mental health services. Quebec has a low cost of living per month of $1,404.

3. Levis came in third, scoring 63.49 out of 100.

4. Sherbrooke came in fourth, scoring 63.2 out of 100.

5. Trois-Riveres came in fifth, scoring 62.32 out of 100.

6. Saguenay came in sixth, scoring 62.17.

7. Gatineau came in seventh, scoring 58.73.

8. Montreal came in eighth, scoring 57.78.

9. Terrebonne came in ninth, scoring 56.9.

10. Regina scored 56.59, securing the tenth position on the list.

Become A Canadian notes that eight of the top 10 best cities for Gen Z workers are in the province of Quebec.

BecomeACanadian Staff