July 22, 2024
  • 1:56 pm Canadian Economy Increasingly Depends on Immigrants
  • 9:30 am Top 10 Towns for Retirees to Live in Canada
  • 4:07 pm Why Montreal and Toronto Are Great Canadian Cities
  • 7:52 am Several Suggestions for Improving Canadian Immigration
  • 3:17 pm Canada Is Among the Safest Countries in the World


Historically the tech sector in Canada has struggled to attract, hire, and retain workers needed to scale up. The close proximity to the United States with its mature tech scene, and the large, foreign tech companies who are expanding to Canadian turf have caused challenges for homegrown firms to compete for domestic talent. You can be one of the 300,000 foreign nationals who relocate to Canada every year. BecomeACanadian will help people like you achieve your dream of living and working in Canada. Even boosting the number of engineering graduates and them residing in Canada would not meet the vast need. Canada is in need of experienced, senior-level workers, which is a missing component in the tech sector.

To help combat the issue at hand, the federal government launched the Global Skills Strategy to increase the high-skills talent pool. The strategy was launched as a pilot for two years and would allow high-growth companies to gain faster access to skilled foreign workers. Before the Strategy was in effect, it took over a year for Ottawa to issue visas to the skilled workers. The new plan has 14-day turnaround times for visas. Due to the new program, the companies have received over 800 applications for nearly 900 positions. Hiring these foreign skilled workers does not remove jobs from Canadians. In fact, it helps the companies grow and create new jobs to employ even more Canadians. If you are interested in living and working in Canada, contact BecomeACanadian for assistance in receiving your permanent residency Visa to Canada.

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