June 13, 2024
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In general, the Canadian government does not help people get settled when they immigrate to Canada, although assistance may be provided for refugees approved for Canadian immigration.

Most people who immigrate to Canada must pay for their moving expenses and have enough financial resources to meet their needs after they arrive (e.g., for housing, food, clothing, etc.). This is why many Canadian immigration programs require immigrants to provide Proof of Funds to demonstrate that they have the necessary financial resources to support themselves after they immigrate to Canada. Clients of Become A Canadian who are approved to immigrate to Canada receive guidance on steps to take when they move to Canada.

Although the Canadian government does not usually give direct settlement support to people who immigrate to Canada, it does offer helpful information about Canadian immigration and regarding settlement services across the country. Canada is a multicultural, immigrant-friendly country and has many support organizations in each province and territory to assist those who move to Canada.

The Canadian government makes available a list of these organizations that help people who immigrate to Canada. Most of these services are free and can be accessed even before immigrants move to Canada. To help its clients prepare for life in their new country, Become A Canadian provides its clients with an informative e-Book available in English and French with details about living in Canada.


An important first step in the Canadian immigration process is looking for jobs in Canada. In order to make it easier for immigrants to seek jobs in Canada, the Canadian government has created its Job Bank website. Anyone can use Canada’s Job Bank website for free to check for Canadian employment opportunities based on occupation, location and other search criteria.

The Immigration Consultants who work with Become A Canadian advise skilled foreign workers who apply to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system to register with the Job Bank. Registering with Canada’s Job Bank is required for skilled foreign workers who file an Express Entry profile if they do not already have a qualifying offer of Canadian employment.

Another reason to register with the Job Bank is that it may facilitate receiving a qualifying offer of Canadian employment or a provincial nomination, either of which could lead to being issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canadian visa. To learn more, contact Become A Canadian today!

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