September 25, 2023
  • 7:24 am Some Cool and Interesting Facts About Canada
  • 11:13 am Places to Visit Within Easy Driving Distance of Ottawa
  • 11:42 am Syrian Refugee Thankful for Freedom Living in Canada
  • 9:21 am How do Canadians Deal with Mental Health?
  • 10:04 am Business Expectations in Canada for the Next Three Months
BecomeACanadian - Fun Facts
Did you know Canada Is the second-largest country in the world? pretty impressive! Canada also has the world’s largest coastline and the world’s longest street – Yonge street – which is a mind-blowing 35 miles long (56 km).
“The Great White North” is filled with exciting wildlife, among the animals you can spot are polar bears, beavers, reindeer, and lobsters. Canada has about 35,749,600 people living in the country – the majority of them live in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.
For more fun facts about Canada take a look at the following infographic made by ‘taxback’.

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BecomeACanadian - Fun Facts
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