November 29, 2023
  • 7:24 am Some Cool and Interesting Facts About Canada
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  • 11:42 am Syrian Refugee Thankful for Freedom Living in Canada
  • 9:21 am How do Canadians Deal with Mental Health?
  • 10:04 am Business Expectations in Canada for the Next Three Months

Students, scientists, and startups are relocating to Canada in record numbers. Every time the Trump Administration tries to advance the strict US immigration policies, the number of skilled foreign workers applying for employment in Canada skyrockets, as does the country’s stock. Over half of the high growth endeavors supported in the MaRS ecosystem showed a massive rise in United States applications. Become A Canadian and its team of professionals can help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. They can walk you through the immigration process by evaluating the best option for a permanent residency visa, explain what you need to do and also answer all your questions. Contact them today!

Over 20 top scholars from around the globe were recruited by the Canada 150 Research Chairs Program. This program is allocating around $117 million on seven-year grants for prominent researchers. Part of the research group is Harvard chemistry professor Alan Aspuru-Guzik who is working on quantum computing and clean energy, as well as Brown University professor, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, known for her work on fake news.

Canada is now empowering startups to compete on the worldwide stage by hosting large technology industry events. They are bringing in the world’s top innovators and trying to lure international talent to work on world-changing innovations. Talent is starting to flow in from the south to the north, and they are welcomed with open arms. Become A Canadian is ready to facilitate your best Canadian immigration solution.

BecomeACanadian Staff